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Safety and Industry Training

Developing safer and more productive employees

Our team of professionals can assess your needs, provide flexible training, and customized solutions to help your business reduce costs and increase profits. From fundamental technical training to more intricate and specialized concepts, we deliver classes when and where you need them—on our campus or at your site, it’s up to you. Needs driven training solutions will allow your company to stay on the cutting edge of technology, efficiency, and profitability.
Workforce safety is an essential element for productive companies. Safe workers help companies reduce retraining costs and keep production schedules while helping employers avoid costly accident claims. Our extensive list of industry and safety topics are supplemented by statewide resources and relationships with national training organizations.

Industrial Coordinator

Bob Stephens 

Phone- 405-273-7493 x2235 

Industrial Coordinator

Jeff Auchey

Phone- 405-273-7493 x2270

 Safety Coordinator

Robin Mikles

Phone- 405-273-7493 x2306

Safety and Industry Secretary

Melissa Watts                                     

Phone- 405-273-7493 x2203                 

Email-[email protected] 

Online Safety Resources
Gordon Cooper Technology Center now offers a wide range of online safety training.  Contact Robin Mikles today to find out how your company can utilize the online safety training and to learn more about the topics.
Robin Mikles email: [email protected] Phone 405-273-7493 ext 2306.