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Heating, Air, and Refrigeration Technology

Gordon Cooper Technology Center offers full time career pathways to high school juniors, seniors and adults. High School students are eligible to receive math credit for various career majors. Courses are offered from 8:15 to 11:15 AM and 12:55 to 3:55 PM Monday through Friday. A student can choose to attend either the AM or PM session or both sessions. All students must be assessed before entering a career major.

Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration prepares individuals as field ready apprentices on domestic residential and commercial equipment systems with instruction on new installations as well as retrofitting of existing systems. Students develop skills and proficiencies in troubleshooting through working from prints, schematics and operation manuals.

After completing the 1,050 hours of training, students receive credit for two years toward a three year apprenticeship and receive a Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program certificate. After serving a third year as an apprentice under an HVAC licensed contractor, individuals are eligible to take the journeyman's test. Students may be prepared for direct placement as a residential installer,  maintenance technician and A/C and heating apprentice technician.

Instructor: Timothy Breeding (405) 273-7493 Ext. 2244