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Business and Entrepreneurial Services

Business Development


Turning your ideas into profit


Business Development provides assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs by helping people create wealth through expert analysis and detailed planning. Business owners learn to grow their company by utilizing technology, identifying markets, developing human resources, understanding financial planning, and building relationships.

Those seeking to start their own business discover the personal qualities successful, self-employed people need to power their business idea. Instruction moves step-by-step through every phase of starting a new business: exploring potential markets, naming the business, and location, creating a company image, profiling customers, finding capital support, investigating legal considerations, and writing a business plan.


One-on-one Consultations


Business Development provides technical assistance and guidance to those interested in starting a new business or developing an existing business.  One-on-one consultation and workshop instruction will be provided.


Resources and Services Overview:

-Confidential Business Consulting       

-Business Registration         

-Business Plan Writing                           

-Financial Analysis               

-Social Media Assistance                       

-Search Engine Optimization

-Market Research                                   

-Industry Information & Research         

-Google Business Registration               

-Prepare Effective Advertising         

-Business Technology                         

-Other Services as Needed


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