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Adult Students

Welcome to Gordon Cooper Technology Center!  
Whether you are looking for an all-day career training program to launch your career or you are in need of some training to help advance your current career, GCTC can help.  
Full Time Adult Programs are comprehensive training programs designed to help you reach your career goals. These programs require students to attend school five days a week during the school year. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.  Full-time programs can be one to two years in length.  Click here to learn more about the Full-time programs offered at Gordon Cooper Technology Center.  Call 405-273-7493 ext. 4001 to schedule an admissions/application/assessment appointment for a full-time program.
Photo ID is required for assessment. *Assessment consists of: Online application, Interview Questions, OKCIS Interest and Skills Inventory, TABE Reading and Math Assessment. There is no cost to the student for application or assessment. All applicants will be interviewed by a counselor and instructor to determine appropriate placement.  An appointment for the interview will be made once the assessment is completed. Students who would like more information about the FAFSA process to apply for Financial Aid may contact Financial Aid Coordinator Donna Barton at 405-273-7493 ext. 2212 or via email at donnab@gctech.edu     

Short Term Classes meet for shorter periods of time with more specific learning objectives and are not eligible for financial aid.  Short-term classes are structured to fit the needs of working adults and may last a day, a week or several weeks.  Click here to see a list of short-term classes. Call 405-273-7493 ext. 2215 for more information.