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Educational Enhancement Center

The Educational Enhancement Center (EEC) is a service for all Gordon Cooper educational programs. All full-time students will complete the Workplace Readiness Course in the Educational Enhancement Center where they complete a resume and gain skills in employment interview techniques and job search strategies. The center is designed to assist students in CareerTech education by providing both academic and career-specific skill remediation and enhancement. The EEC facilitates the on-line KeyTrain training for all GCTC students and administers the WorkKeys assessments through which students obtain their Career Readiness Certifications. Student needs are met by planned activities designed cooperatively by the CareerTech instructor and the center staff.

GCTC's Integrated Mathematics Program is based in the EEC. Three certified math instructors teach Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry, and Integrated Math in specific program areas throughout the school. They also provide pull-out Algebra II and Trigonometry classes for those high school students needing an extra math credit to graduate. Math tutoring is offered to all students in the EEC on Friday of each week.

Other services offered by the EEC include: Computer Literacy, ACT test preparation, Learning Styles Assessment, Keyboarding, Portfolio Preparation, and Job Search Assistance.

Gordon Cooper student resumes are kept on file to make it easier for students to update and obtain copies of their resumes for future use.

For more information, call (405) 273-7493.