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Digital Media Production - DMP

Join the excitement in the Digital Media Production program. Enroll in either the Game Designer or Multimedia Specialist majors.

Students increase skills in order to prepare for a career and develop online portfolios. Students use software including Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) - Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign, Animate, Premier Pro and After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Blender, GameMaker and more.... Students learn through textbooks, online training, hands-on training and projects.

Students use a Makerbot 3D Printer to print 3D models that they create. Students use Wacom Intuos Pro Tablets and  Wacom Cintiq Creative Touch Displays to create digital art. Multimedia students use DSLR and video cameras for photography and to film their creative projects.

Students develop interactive media (Games) and multimedia projects (Films) through the use of storyboards, script writing, project management and teamwork. 

A desire for lifelong learning is important as Multimedia Specialist and Game Designers must keep up with advances in technology and techniques to keep their skills current.


 Digital Media Production Majors :: Multimedia Specialist and Game Designer  

The Multimedia Specialist major prepares students to create and edit graphics for video, print and web publishing. Students learn desktop publishing, graphic design techniques,digital photography skills and video production skills. Students design and edit motion graphics, use digital video equipment and software to complete assignments and create projects. 

The Game Designer major prepares students to write the blueprint of a game and create fun. Game designers work with artists and programmers to layout smaller sections of the game. Stages of game design involve brainstorming, collaboration and revision. Students learn graphic design, 2D animation, 3D modeling, 3D animation, computer programming and game mechanics.


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 Location and Times


Gordon Cooper Technology Center - Seminole Campus
800 North Harvey Road
Seminole, OK 74864

Phone:  405.303.2886 Extension 1104


Two sessions of the Digital Media Production classes are held daily. High school students can attend either the AM or PM session. Adult students can attend the AM or PM session or both sessions.

AM Session

  • 7:45 – 10:45 

PM Session

  • 12:55 – 3:55



Instructor: Betty Lowrance (405) 273-7493 x1104   or  (405) 303-2886 Ext. 1104


 Career Majors: (For financial aid a Career Major must be 600 hours or more.)

In-District* Full-time Tuition: $2100 ($1050.00 per semester)











CTSO Dues: $10.00







Career Majors within Digital Media Production:



Required Books

Required Tools

Required Uniforms

Certification Test Costs

Optional Books

Multimedia Specialist







Video Game Designer







Out-of-District Tuition is double the amount of  In-District Tuition 

Entrance Requirements: Reading and math skills at the 9th grade level or above. Basic keyboarding and computer literacy skills helpful but not required.

High School Academic Credits: 1 unit of Computer I (OHLAP) 1 unit of Computer II (OHLAP)

Certification Testing: Brainbench, ODCTE, Adobe Certified Associate-Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop

Potential Salary Range: Potential Salary Range: $15.00-$30.00 per hour (depends on occupational title students select and experience)

For financial assistance go to:

Instructor: Betty Lowrance  (Seminole Campus) 405-303-2886 Ext. 1104