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Strategic Plan

Our Motto

Excellence in all we do

Our Mission

Provide innovative and quality learning opportunities preparing people for success in the workplace, in education, and in life.

Our Vision 

To be the premier provider of training and services; leading to empowered citizens, thriving families, vibrant communities, and economic prosperity.

Our Process

Strategic planning at GCTC begins with collecting inputs from customers and other stakeholders including, but not limited to: Business and Industry Visits, Partner School Representatives, Communities, Staff, Students, Customers, Advisory Committees, and Internal Committees. Other inputs include: State Laws and Regulations, Board Policy, Peer Inputs, and Performance Data. Customer and regulatory inputs are used by the executive team to set objectives that are reviewed by the school’s leadership team, which is made up of representatives of many stakeholders for the school. The Strategic Objectives and District Targets are approved by the Board of Education before being distributed to all staff members and made available to interested stakeholders. Progress on meeting the targets is measured quarterly and evaluated annually. Organizational results for the current year are then used as the Performance Data for the adjusting and setting of targets for the next year.


To submit your idea for future goals, email info@gctech.edu. Thanks for your input.


Our Guiding Principles

Will our decisions:

  • Positively impact more customers across the entire district and/or increase the organization's capacity to do so?
  • Contribute to the organization's ability to provide high-demand and improved opportunities for customers?
  • Allow the organization to serve the customer more efficiently, flexibly, and/or effectively?
  • Provide a long-term benefit to the customer?
  • Ensure that our stakeholders' investments in the organization are handled in a cost effective and socially responsible manner?
  • Better prepare and/or equip the staff to provide the best training, education, and services for the benefit of the customer?

IDEA LIST (Our list of current improvements under consideration)



External Excellence - Positively Impacting Those We Serve


  • Achieve a student enrollment FTE of 1,315 for FY 17 and 1,400 by 2022 (FT Programs & BIS).
  • Participate or assist in at least 275 community events within the school's district representing Gordon Cooper to community groups.
  • 90% of Partner Schools will have at least a 12% Secondary Student Service Rate.
  • Average Wage of Gordon Cooper Technology Center graduate meets or exceeds $13.75 per hour.
  • Positive Placement rate for Gordon Cooper Technology Center graduates meets or exceeds 92%.
  • Achieve a graduate licensure and/or certification pass rate of 90% on courses greater than 30 hours in length.
  • Provide facilities/services to 30,000 community members or other stakeholders.
  • Achieve a 4.2 rating or higher on external customer satisfaction survey.


Good Stewardship - Performing efficient, ethical, and fiscally responsible management of resources


  • 85% of Full-Time programs at 85% of capacity at the beginning of the school year and said programs shall not drop below 81% of capacity through March 14 for the school year.
  • Percentage of the total general fund budget spent on direct classroom support meets or exceeds 63%.
  • Decrease per square foot Electricity consumption by .25% over previous five year average.
  • Decrease per square foot Natural Gas consumption by .25% over previous five year average.
  • Self-assess "5-S" benchmark for all areas on campus once each semester and once annually by administrative team. Achieve an average score of 3.5 or higher on a 5 point scale.
  • 90% of Open Enrollment Courses that are scheduled and offered are conducted.


Internal Excellence - Enhance the expertise and effectiveness of all employees


  • 100% of staff meets individual professional development goals.
  • There will be no material audit exceptions on the district’s annual audit.
  • Have no  workplace accidents recordable* to OSHA during the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Conduct a safety audit and correct all observed hazards during the school year.
  • 100% of staff participates in internal customer satisfaction survey. 

Strategic Excellence - Organizational and facility improvement goals


  • Expand facilities to accommodate high-wage, high demand employment areas in various health fields.
  • Develop an enrollment Success Center to process all individual applications for full-time and short-term training programs.
  • Serve the business community better by expanding meeting room space, and enhancing business development resources.
  • Construction or remodel of an Industrial Training and Safety Center for the Business and Career Services department.
  • Improve campus safety and security.
  • Expand educational opportunities at Gordon Cooper Technology Center and meet the long-term training needs of the district by having enough space to grow and expand.
  • Develop a decision-making matrix to compare the value of future and current training programs based on defined criteria.
  • Improve Early Childcare facility to meet the requirements stated in the 2012 Five-year accreditation visit and provide a safe room.
  • Maintain a facility improvement plan for maintenance of the Gordon Cooper campuses including floors, parking, roads, roofs, HVAC systems, information systems, painting, and building repairs.

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